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Emergency Eye appointments

If you’re experiencing any eye discomfort, pain or eyesight issues, we offer NHS emergency appointments 5 days per week. We will always try to see patients as quickly as possible usually within 48 hours.

When you come in for your emergency appointment, we will check your vision and  to assess the problem you are having. From the results we will be able to find you a solution to the problem which may or may not include suitable medication or treatment.

The following Symptoms may indicate immediate medical attention .

  • Double vision (seeing two things at once)
  • Black spots or flashes of light
  • Sudden vision loss in one eye
  • Seeing halos or rainbows around light
  • Loss of peripheral (side) vision
  • Curtain-like disappearance of vision
  • Eye injury or pain
  • Sudden hazy or blurred vision

Other symptoms that may arise and require an appointment but may not require an emergency examination:

  • Blurred vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Red, crusty or swollen eyelids
  • Burning, dry or itchy eyes
  • Eye strain and/or frequent mild headaches
  • Excessive eye tearing or watering
  • Difficulty seeing dark environments

If you have any concerns about your eyes, please contact us today – we’re here to help.